Why do I need a website? Right now people are searching the web for your services. Will they find you If the answer is no, you need a website. If the answer is yes, does your website best reflect your products or services? If not, it needs a revamp.

What does a website do? A website is your business card, brochure, sales sheet and more. It showcases your product/service, introduces your staff, provides contact information, business hours and directions. It’s a digital salesperson.

What does a website cost? The purchase of a domain name and hosting are billed at cost. The cost of the website itself depends on whether you need a basic website or a more extensive site with additional capabilities.

How long does it take to complete a website? Again, it depends on the size and scope of the website, if the required information and materials are ready to go, and how many revisions are required.

What is responsive design? Responsive design allows your site to be viewed on any mobile device without losing it’s design integrity.

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool that determines your ranking in the search engine results and increases traffic to your site.

What about Social Media? It’s preferable that you set up and populate the pages of your social media accounts. The website can link to and display all social media and sharing buttons.

Who owns my domain name? You are listed as the Registrant. If necessary, an option to keep your personal information private can be purchased.

Who owns my website? Once you pay the final invoice, you do.

Who maintains my website? Managing your business is your priority. Let me manage your website. I offer a package that allows you to focus on your business, and to let me worry about weekly checks for gremlins, security patches, updates, and backups. Revisions and new content are billed separately.

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