I subscribe to KISS (Keep it simple silly). Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it. All wrapped up in a neat, user-friendly, visually appealing package.

Because I bring a balance of good business sense, keen insight, creativity and technical proficiency – more efficiently and at more competitive prices – you get the right image that delivers the right message to the right people.


Over the years my client base has included: business to business |  health care |  industrial |  professional services |  OEM |  nonprofit |  political |  retail | sports & political blogs | international freight shipping.





Tired of the commute and bored with the routine, I left the Boston corporate world in 1986 and freelanced on the South Shore providing marketing & design solutions for collateral, print, and broadcast.

Soon I opened up Advertising by design that morphed into KQuigley design and now in the digital age a narrower focus: KQuigley designs | websites.